Smart Store
I am at a grocery store. The store has provided a wireless guide that is compatible with my "communicom" (a future version of an iPhone). By viewing it I can locate any item I want to buy. When I pick items from the shelves, several of them issue warning alarms because my "communicom" finds problems with them, such as expired sales dates, undesirable preservatives and lack of adequate documentation about how they were processed. Of course, when I am finished shopping, I simply walk out of the door because all of the items have been purchased electronically as soon as I put them into my cart.
When I get home and start putting the items into the pantry, my "communicom" signals me that there are already some of the same items there already. I expected this knowing I was buying ahead for a coming party, but, having been warned, I locate the older things and put them in front.
Next, since I had decided to make homemade root beer and ice cream from scratch for a coming party, I need to locate a long-unused bottle-capper and hand-cranked ice cream freezer and bring them out of the garage --- or wherever they are.  Special party decorations and favors will also have to be located, but I know they will all be easy to find since they had been stored with the aid of my RFID-enabled "communicom", which will point me to the right box in the right closet, and even to the right shelf where they are stored. As it turns out several of the items have been borrowed by our kids, but the "communicom" tells me which kid has what, and I know they can easily find them with the help of their own "communicoms".
When I first stored the things several years ago, it had taken only seconds to affix tiny RFID tags to each item and "wand" them into the computer. Since then I have avoided many hours of rummaging around each time I tried to find them. Thinking about how easily available all of my “treasures” had become, I didn't hesitate to start planning to also pull together a display of some of the handcrafted items I had collected more than fifty years before in Japan. This time it would be some antique items used for a ceremonial occasion. After locating all of the pieces with the aid of my "communicom", I inspected them carefully and recalled the pleasant circumstances of receiving them as gifts. As I enjoyed seeing them again, I spoke into the "communicom" about the new occasion planned for their use, which would add to their interesting history. Finally, I will put them all out in one of my display cabinets for a few weeks for the pleasure of our guests before storing them all away once again so I can make room for a collection of tropical shells that the grandkids haven't seen yet because I was waiting for them to grow up enough to handle them properly.
Before having "communicom" aid for storing and retrieving, everything I had collected over the years was becoming more and more inaccessable. With the "communicom", everything that I have stored is easy to find and comes with a provenance that makes them truly interesting and useful, hopefully, instead of being a burden, to myself and, eventually, to later generations.
Sunday, January 11, 2009
The Communicom