A 16th Birthday in 2017
The big event for the twins, Sally & Tom, came on their 16th birthday, June 17, 2017. Everyone had been invited for months -- the aunts, uncles, cousins, and of course, the grandparents and the family friends. More important than any other family event, except births, weddings and funerals, the Privacy Day Party was the biggest occasion in the twins' young lives.
Until that day, all messages on their personal communicators had been open to their parents, except for those taking place during school hours, when they were also open to school authorities. On June 17, even though still archived in the family memory bank, the twins could start to have private communications.
In ancient times such coming-of-age ceremonies were also practiced with great fanfare and ceremony with good reason. It was the time when children were initiated into many of the mysteries and responsibilities of adult life and they were no longer protected as much by their parents. In the new age, because easy communications had made the world so much more dangerous for children, responsible parents now required their children to use devices that they could monitor until they went to college.
Oh yes, today in 2017 all children go to college, really boarding schools, appropriate to their interests and intellects, and ones where the students perform all of the labor required to operate and maintain them as part of their instruction-in-life curriculum. Years ago such fine schools would have been elite ivy-league colleges judging from their up-scale facilities, including spotless dorms and rooms like those in first-class hotels.
Supergirl: So, aren't you going to give me the "You did good" speech?
Green Lantern: You're headstrong, unprofessional, and reckless. If you ever jeopardize yourself or your teammates again by running off half-cocked without a battle plan, I will personally see you're kicked out of the League. I don't care who your cousin is. And incidentally... you did good.
Sunday, December 21, 2008
Coming of Age in the New Age